Saturday, April 23, 2016

Meet Murphy - The Microsoft AI Bot and My "wanna be" Skype Companion

I really have never been so keen on writing blog posts though I would say attimes I get an avalanche of ideas perhaps worth telling, questions worth asking and perhaps humour worth sharing.
So why did I decide to write this.
First am a science/tech fan and I love to get to the roots -  I like to ask how, why , what.
So what does this have to do with what am going to write.


I was studying in the library and in one of those epic moments your mind wanders off course into tech lands. To cut it short, I ran a command on my chrome browser.
Yep "skype://mySkypeId" and as you may guess, This me trying to call "me" on Skype. well so easy,

Not to bore you with the drama, I noticed the "Add a new bot to your contact list button" and I decided to check it out. Hmmmm well I saw couple of bots but guess what, Murphy, the young microsoft chap was on the bot list, so I added Murphy to my contact list and decided to see what Microsoft was upto in AI. I had read about Murphy's abilities and what kind of question Murphy answers so without introduction I took a shot and asked "what if time warp could happen". Murphy pretended not to have noticed my question and went along to introduce him/her preferable itself and was like -

"Hello! I'm MurphyBot from
I'm an experimental chat bot that can answer "What if..." questions. For example, you can ask "What if Beethoven was a rockstar?" or things like that. Give it a try!"

Yeah I was like cool, you had better be Intelligent. Guess my second question????
Lol..You probably guessed WrIoTnEg. I asked "What if Beethoven was a rockstar?" - Yeah It was about testing AI besides, before I could blink, Murphy said
...."You asked: " What if Beethoven was a rockstar? " so I will attempt to picture that..." and pulled up a photo of a rockstar, but the face was beethoven's. In my mind, I was like - okay you probably expected that - so I overlooked it.

I went ahead to fire the second question - the original question - "What if time warp could happen", Wait a minute - What is time Warp or what did I mean. hmmm.., story for another day.


Back to Murphy business, this time there was no pretending and Murphy said "Wait, I'm still learning and this question is taking a while. I might have to get back to you later on this one...". At that point I realised my chat with Murphy might get boring and I quickly popped another question "what if humans lived on Saturn?" - For some seconds, I got no response from Murphy and I was like, hope I didn't hurt Murphy's feelings, have I said something bad, then I immediately asked the beethoven question and within 2 seconds Murphy snapped with the initial beethoven answer and I was like Oh probably next time all I have to do is hit the Reset "Beetho" button - Then I wanted to be sure I didn't mis-interpret Murphy's inability to answer the saturn question for not responding on time so I asked the same question again.. Well, I got no response then I decided to come back to earth and ask nice questions.

Q1: What if Trump was president of USA? 
I got Obama's pics with Trumps eyes, nose and mouth almost carefully superimposed. Well No comments.

Q2: What if Obama was president of Russia? Well see the pics for your self!!!

Q3: What if I were president of USA? and Murphy was like "Please upload a photo that represents you so I can try that question. I will keep that photo for 10 minutes and use it in the "What if..." questions"
I hesitated at first but was keen on knowing Murphy's level of imagination. To cut it short, I uploaded a pics but, waited for some time and ran out of patient waiting for response. I decided to fire more questions. -- You can try that question and share your pics as President of the USA.

Q4: what if 1 + 1 = 5 ? 
Murphy: "Wait, I'm still learning and this question is taking a while. I might have to get back to you later on this one..."

Q5: what if Nigeria was in Antarctica ?  
I got a picture of presumable Nigerarctica ... Not so pleased with Murphy's performance I decided to throw another question?

GUESS the question ????

Q6: What if Obama is from Kenya?  Murphy totally blew my UN-expectations.. a bewildering AIshoped image of POTUS.

Well at this point. I knew I had to share my observations and get back to my reading.

The good news is that Murphy is on Telegram and Facebook Messenger. To chat with murphy, you need to be signed in on these social media. Also, Murphy has a website. to visit go to ProjectMurphy

Random thoughts:
If you could ponder on the Questions I asked Murphy, How would your answer differ if you had Murphy's Photoshop skill?
About Murphy's Perception - Will you call this AI or some photo impression bot/software that works by identifying the subject, verb and object given a particular sentence structure?


  1. Lol.. Well Its a makeshift am dedicating to sharing perspectives and thoughts on technology than posting them on Facebook.